Rates & Contract Types

  • Hendrick House Rates for 2019-2020


    LATE APPLICATION SPECIAL: for a limited time, apply now and get a 5% discount on remaining double rooms! Questions about this special, call us at 217-365-8000.

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    June 13, 2019: We still have a limited number of single and double rooms in both our West and East buildings available for 2019-2020.

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    Double Occupancy 

    $12,625.00* East Double, 14 meals per week
    $13,200.00* East Double, 19 meals per week
    $17,075.00* East Deluxe Double, 14 meals per week (sold out)
    $17,825.00* East Deluxe Double, 19 meals per week (sold out)
    $14,200.00* West Double, 14 meals per week
    $14,800.00* West Double, 19 meals per week



    Single Occupancy

    $19,275.00* East Single,  14 meals per week
    $19,825.00* East Single,  19 meals per week
    $21,650.00* West Single, 14 meals per week
    $22,200.00* West Single, 19 meals per week

     *includes tax on food portion of the contract


  • Housing Contract Mini FAQ


    Hendrick House is a residence hall complex comprised of two buildings, East and West. The East building opened in 1967 and has traditional L-shaped hallways with approximately 25 double occupancy rooms per floor, in a six story building. Each room shares the bathroom with the room next door, those neighbors are commonly referred to as the suitemates.


    The West Tower opened in 1988 and is a slender, 10-story tower with six spacious rooms per floor, for a total of 56 student occupied rooms. The West Tower is also designed in a suite-style manner, sharing the bathroom with the residents next door.  


    All bathrooms are semi-private, shared with at least two other people. We do not offer private bathrooms. 


    Students may sign only one contract for one building. If you wish to change buildings after you sign a contract, you may sign a contract for the other building or occupancy request (double or single) provided there is space available. 


    East Double/West Double, 14 meal contract


    • Sleeping room, 2-person occupancy
    • 14 meals are allocated each week 
    • Meals re-set each week, do not carry over and are not shared
    • The designation of East or West is a reference to the building type


    East Double/West Double 19 meal contract


    • Sleeping room, 2 person occupancy
    • 19 meals are allocated each week
    • With a 19 meal plan, students may share their meals with other non-residents
    • Meals re-set each week and do not carry over


    East Single or West Single 

    • These contracts offer a single occupant in a room that was built and furnished for 2 people
    • Each single room shares the bath with one or two other people
    • We have 12 rooms that are furnished for single occupancy and are assigned randomly 
    • Available on a first-come, first-serve basis


    Hendrick House offers only about 30 single contracts each year. 


    Come Take a Tour
    We offer walk-in tours starting at 9:30 Monday through Friday and 10:30 Saturdays and Sundays. No appointment necessary to take a tour.  We are offering prospective residents and up to 3 family members a free meal when you tour Hendrick House.

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