About Us

  • The Hendrick Family proudly celebrates 70 years of providing quality housing and excellent food to University of Illinois students as well as the personal care and attention they need during their busy college years. As graduates of the University of Illinois, the owners of Hendrick House understand the rigorous study that is required to achieve and thus strive to provide an environment that is conducive to academic success. 

    Robert and Mary Lee Hendrick started with a small house for 17 students in 1948. With the eventual involvement of their children, now the owners, they expanded the facilities to the current Hendrick House with a total capacity of 364 students in two modern, connected buildings just one block from the original site.

    Hendrick House has become a second-generation and now, third-generation choice of campus housing for Illini families. We hope that you will take time to tour Hendrick House and meet the members of the Hendrick Family who are onsight daily. 


    On-Site Owners and Employees


    President Emeritus - Betsy Hendrick 

    President - Terrell Williams, husband of Bobbie Hendrick 


    Resident Hall Staff 


    Residence Hall Coordinator - Stephanie Gary

    Leasing Coordinator - Chris Holthoff

    Project Manager - Mark Rowe

    Food Service Director - Diane McNattin

    Senior Resident Advisor - Sam Constantine

    R.A. Staff: Michael, Kailang, Troy, Robert, Stephanie, Kristina, and Kajal


    Board Members & Owners

    Owner - Betsy Hendrick 

    Owner - Emily Hendrick

    Owner - Bobbie Hendrick,PhD

    Tim Krueger

    Alex Krueger