Dining at Hendrick House

  • Fresh roasted whole chickens, carved on the line at our homestyle station...Fresh hamburgers and cheeseburgers, made to order in front of you at the grill and served with fresh french fries...An assortment of mouth-watering, freshly prepared and baked thick and thin-crust pizzas...homemade tapas at the creation station...Fresh baked breads, pastries, cookies and desserts, made in-house daily by our pastry chef...these are just a few of the options available to our residents here at Hendrick House on a daily basis. 


    Our chefs come from a variety life experiences and culinary backgrounds and bring a world of talent to our dining room every day.  We're small enough to get to know our students and their likes, dislikes, concerns, needs, etc.  Student requests are listened to and responded to quickly - often within 24 hours.  Since we write a new menu weekly (no rotating menus for us here!), special requests (which we love) usually show up on next week's menu.  Check out one of our sample menus below for an idea of the variety of cuisines we're serving up here daily.


    Our dining room is open 7 days per week - Monday-Friday from 7am - 11pm (including late night pizza and grill), Saturday, 8am-7pm, and Sunday 9:30-1:30 for Sunday brunch.  We also offer late plates and sack lunches for those of you who have late classes or jobs/extracurricular activities that keep you away during regular meal service hours. 


    If you have any questions about our food service, please contact Diane McNattin, Food Service Director at Hendrick House at 217-365-8004 or click here to send Diane an email.