Resident Testimonials

  •  Hear what some of our 18-19 residents had to say about living at Hendrick House.


    "The spacious rooms and the quiet environment was much desired and I greatly appreciate all the staff members on working hard and doing their job with a big smile on their faces. They really do care about your well being and stay at Hendrick House. Thank you for a great year."



    "Hendrick House is the right place to live in your first year. There are many advantages to living here:

    1. The food is fantastic, you will never get bored with the food here.
    2. It's quite close to the engineering campus -- many engineering students choose to live here and it's a good opportunity to meet other excellent students here.  
    3. It's only within 10 minutes walk to Grainger Library and Siebel Computer Science Center. That being said you can sleep until 10:50 if you have a class on 11:00.
    4. RAs are friendly and helpful.

    It's overall a really good experience for my freshman year. Thank you Hendrick House."



    "HH is an engineer's paradise. The brightest minds gather here to collaborate and make friends. It is also a wonderful place to get the dormitory lifestyle without the hassle and noise of a large public dorm providing ample opportunity to both study and relax."