• Frequently Asked Questions


    Does Hendrick House offer summer housing? 

    Please inquire via e-mail to: office@hendrickhouse.com. Space is limited. 


    Can students arrive earlier than move-in day? 

    Yes! Hendrick House allows early arrivals as early as the weekend prior to move-in day. 


    When will I get my room assignment?
    By mail in late July or early August. 


    What if I don’t get along with the roommate I’m assigned to?
    On the application form, numerous questions are asked to help in matching roommates, and students may request a specific roommate, too. Every possible effort is made to accommodate those requests and preferences. Complete information is necessary to make the best possible roommate selection.


     Can I request a change to my room assignment? Once room assignments have been issued, it is very difficult to make changes to these assignments. Making one change to meet the needs of a student after the assignments have been issued, may affect up to three or four other people. However, if you are very concerned about your room assignment, you make submit a Room Assignment Change Request form.


    What furnishings are provided, and what do students need to bring with them?
    In addition to the room furniture, Hendrick House provides each student with a mattress pad, telephone, toilet paper, and wastebasket. Students should bring a pillow, blanket, sheets and pillowcases, towels, bedspread, soap, laundry detergent, personal items, and a small study lamp for the bedside.


    Who cleans the room, and how often?
    In addition to maintaining the common areas of Hendrick House, our full time housekeeping staff also visit your room weekly for cleaning. They vacuum, take out the trash, clean and disinfect your bathroom, add toilet paper and do light dusting.


    What charges are not included in the contract?
    Optional items are charged separately so students who do not wish these features do not have to pay for them. For a full list of optional amenities, please click here.


    When are payments due?
    As indicated on the contract, Hendrick House does not send bills. We accept checks, money orders, or traveler's checks. For the payment schedule, please consult your contract.


    How safe and secure is Hendrick House?
    Security is extremely important to the well being of the HH residents. The main entrance is open during the day and is locked at 6:30 p.m. nightly. All other exterior doors are locked at all times. Both the east and west buildings of Hendrick House are protected by a sprinkler system. Residents are trained each semester in fire evacuation procedures.


    What are the average demographics of Hendrick House students?

    Demographics of our residents: 75% Men 25% Women
    By Class: By College:  
    Freshman   56% Engineering 61% Business 2%
    Sophomore 31% LAS  17% FAA       2%
    Junior 7% ACES  3% Education 1%
    Senior 6% Other 14%