Common Areas

  • East Lounge


    Our East Lounge is set up for your complete entertainment and relaxation experience. Featuring overstuffed furniture, a 65 inch high definition television, and a pool table, our east lounge is open 24/7 and promotes relaxation whenever our students are free to do so.


    West Lounge


    A study space by design, the West Lounge has played host to hundreds of board games and study sessions over the years. It features large tables where our students can spread out and a white board where they can work together. The West Lounge also provides access to the Hendrick House outdoor patio area.


    North Lounge


    Our North Lounge is everything you need it to be and then some! The newest of our public areas, the North Lounge was set up with versatility in mind. Featuring comfortable couches and chairs around a TV, modular tables for work and play, and a piano for the performer in all of us, our North Lounge can be configured and reconfigured to suit the needs of any event.


    Study Lounge


    Our basement features our 24-hour quiet study lounge, which is set aside so that our students have a peaceful place to study at all times. The space features tables and comfortable seating for a dozen students at a time.


    The dining room is also opened for study from 7AM to midnight during the academic year, and 24/7 during finals.


    Fitness Center


    A well-equipped exercise room is available for fitness conscious students; 3 treadmills, 3 flat & incline benches, 1 leg press machine, Olympic style free weights, Life fitness/Smith machine (pressing & squatting), exercise mats, seat/arm curl bar, Roman chair, Elliptical trainer, and a California Apollo 250 Universal Gym.


    Hendrick House is in the process of updating the equipment in our fitness area.


    Computer Lab


    Although most of our residents bring their own computers, we do provide a small lab, which offers three computers running the Windows 10 OS. Color printing is available from the computer lab and accessible from your personal computer within each resident's room.



    Music Practice Room


    The HH Music Practice Room is an area that is set aside to allow our students a chance to hone their musical talents, while ensuring that their practice isn't disruptive to other students. Located in our basement, the music room features a piano, music stands, and enough space to bring in any instrument for rehearsal. We've even seen multiple students gather together in our music room for impromptu jam sessions!


    Ping Pong Room


    Named for the table it contains, our Ping Pong Room is located in our basement and open to our students whenever the front desk is open.  Paddles and ping pong balls are available for check out at the front desk at no cost to you.


    Laundry Facilities


    In the basements of both our east and west towers, Hendrick House has a laundry facility available with washer and dryer units.  All of our machines are free for residents to use.