Amenities & Services

  • Excellent Meal Options


    Hendrick House offers two meal plans; 14 meals per week or 19 meals per week. The 19 meal plan allows students to host a guest now and then to enjoy their meal plan with them. Please view the "great food" section of our website to learn more about the flagship of our operation. 

    Fully Carpeted Rooms


    Each Hendrick House room is fully carpeted, so there's no need to haul in your own rug.  Our carpeted rooms are warm and cozy, just like home!


    Semi-Private Baths


    Each room has direct access to a semi-private bathroom through your own private door.  Our bathrooms are situated between two rooms and are only used by you, your roommate and the two people next door. This adds a degree of privacy to your most private of moments.


    Twice-Weekly Housekeeping


    In addition to maintaining the common areas of Hendrick House, our full time housekeeping staff also visit your room weekly for cleaning. They vacuum, take out the trash, clean and disinfect your bathroom, add toilet paper and do light dusting.  Our housekeeping staff is an integral part of our customer service efforts, and is key to ensuring that your room is well kept.


    Resident Advisers


    Our full-time Resident Advisers are upper-classmen or graduate students in a variety of disciplines. They are well-trained in helpful techniques and assist our students with academic and non-academic problems.  Our RA's also work at maintaining an active social environment, planning social events and giving residents a number of opportunities to make friends.


    Air Conditioning


    Because comfort is key, Hendrick House is fully air conditioned for those warmer days. Our entire facility features a heating and cooling system that is designed to keep you comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.


    High Speed Internet


    Each room comes standard with a wired high speed internet connection and the option of setting up your own wireless network. Our 100 megabit connection is directly connected to a University of Illinois Fiber line, which means it's very fast and very stable. Hendrick House provides wireless internet in our cafeteria and all lounge spaces, and we encourage our residents to set up a wireless network in your rooms. This is a great way to have all of the mobility you need, combined with all of the security you want.


    Basic Extended Cable Television Service


    Our cable television service is provided by Comcast, and comes ready to use from the day you move in. Just plug in your TV to the jack on the wall and our full lineup is made available. No special box, no fuss.  Click here to see all of the channels we offer!


    Free Local Phone Service


    Each room comes equipped with a phone and local calling service. Any student can dial out locally by pressing "9" and entering the destination number.


    Laundry Facilities


    Hendrick House offers laundry facilities in the basement of each building. Our laundry facilities are free for residents to use.